SpugCentral, where anything can happen.

I'm not kidding.

That's right, anything!

SpugCentral provides stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. Some stuff is funny, some stuff is important, there's a lot of stuff. If you wanna get all specific, then I'll tell you a bit about it. There's home where you can see this picture and the title. There is also some pictures of some characters I made underneath the website name. There's the rules section, which would be a good idea to visit. It's full of nice boring, but somehow funny, text. Then there's The Watering Hole, which is pretty much the misc. section. You can type whatever you want there, as long as it's allowed. Then there's fail toys, which is a bunch of youtube videos that all involve my favorite series. Fail Toys. This guy named Mike Mozart goes on about some toy that is an awful mistake and why it's funny. Then there's drama which talks about, obviously, drama. Like, who likes who in school, or things like clubs that rebel against something. Then there's Omegle which I use to prank, but some viewers might not find it appropriate just because the site can be dangerous if you give any personal info away. Then there's the forums which I just change the topic and everybody discusses about it. It's very simple. So, have fun doing stuff. AND DO NOT FORGET TO READ THE RULES AND FOLLOW THEM!